WATCH NOW – Christmas Story & Carols

It’s time to sit back, put the fire on and enjoy our Christmas Story & Carols. We hope you sing along at home to the wonderful carols and enjoy the words from our amazing young people of the parish as they tell us the story of Christmas.

Oh…and please share it and tell everyone to watch it!

A few Thank You’s

– To Trish, Sam and Anne, for recording Gentle Woman and O Holy Night.

– To Santa himself, who made a special visit to our church once again and to Fr Greg for his blessing.

– To Sam & Harry, two amazingly talented young gentlemen who recorded the carols for us.

– To all the children and families involved in filming their readings and poem verses. Without those it would not be as special as it was.

– And to Paul, who has taken the idea Eddy had and made it into this amazing memory we now all have to watch for years to come.

We know its different and we would all love to be together in our amazing church, but we hope this has still made Christmas feel special.

What an amazing parish we have! Have a happy & safe Christmas.